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Marici, Vietnam Agarwood Oil,Best Oil in Vietnam,Oud Oil,العود

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Agarwood Oil

Marici agarwood/العود oils are produced by our own factories by using hydrodistillation method.

The full extraction process is well monitored from raw material selection, soaking material, indicate time to soak, duration for distill and collection.

Through out the years of hardworking under pressure to match world-class grade, we have developed 6 grades of Agarwood Oil. 

Best Oil in Vietnam, Best Oud Oil, Best العود, Marici

Grade SS: Elegant, pleasant, woody, spicy, honey sweet and nutty.

Grade S+: Light sour, rich sweet, iconic Crassna natural fragance.

Grade S: Light sour, dry sweet, bitter, pleasant woody.

Grade P: Woody, balsamic, greasy and rich Crassna flavour.


Grade A: Average sour, dim sweet, smoky, woody.

Grade B: Typical Agarwood woody, smoky, peppery and phenolic.

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