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"Specialize in manufacture, wholesale and retail Agarwood products such as Agarwood Oil, Agarwood Incenses, Agarwood Chips and Agarwood Perfume Oil"

Cat Tuong Thien Marici Co., Ltd has been one of the leading company in wholesale and retail Vietnam Agarwood (العود) products.


We have 2 factories started since 1989 mainly focus producing "Agarwood Incense" and "Agarwood Oil". Our products have been exported around the world and approved to meet world-class standard. 

Base on our long history working in Agarwood industry, We also supply all other types of Agarwood (Vietnam Agarwood) depends on our client's demand.

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~ Quality comes before quantity

At Marici, we care for our clients and customers as much as family members. Being a strong based company in this industry for more than 30 years is absolutely not talks.

~The price is right

Our given price is very competitive to South East Asia countries as well as Middle East, Europe and USA. 

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Agarwood Oil Factory
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